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No job to small or too big

Let the licensed and insured technicians at Ray & Randy's Auto Repair inspect your brakes for any issues. We'll look for any signs of wear and tear to ensure that you and your family can safely come to a stop on the road.

Repair services for your brakes:

Clear signs that your brakes are busted:

  • Brake inspection

  • Rotor resurfacing

  • Invest in brake cleaning

  • Fluid leak inspection and repair

  • Full brake replacement

  • Replacement pads

  • Car comes to a stop too slowly

  • Brakes fail to stop the car

  • Harsh squealing noise

  • Pedals seem loose

Swift Resolution to Any Brake Issues

Ray & Randy's Auto Repair has been family-owned and -operated for 10 years.

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Trust your brakes to an AAA repair facility.

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